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Payment & Pricing

Please read about the payment options offered on the PonyUp Web Store, and how the tax on your order is calculated.


Payment methods

The PonyUp Web Store accepts a variety of payment methods. Click on a payment method below to find out more:

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit


When you place an order with PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal website. There you will then need to login with your PayPal username and password. Before completing the order, check whether the total amount and billing details are correct.

Even if you are not an existing PayPal customer, you can choose this payment method for today’s purchase and either set up a new account or pay as a guest.

If your order consists of multiple deliveries, your PayPal account will be charged separately for


Tax rate

In accordance with state and local law, your PonyUp Web Store purchases will be taxed using the applicable sales tax or seller’s use tax rate for your shipping address.

The tax listed during checkout is only an estimate..

Your invoice will reflect the final total tax, which includes state and local taxes, as well as any applicable rebates or fees.